0. Create Kafka topic for financial transactions

Create Kafka topics

The first step for this demo is to create the following Kafka topic:

  • ‘credit_card_transactions’: used in 2_produce-transactions.ipynb and 3_stream-ingestion.ipynb for logging the financial transactions and ingesting aggregations on this data into the Online Feature Store. To create this topic, first we need to create and emtpy schema credit_card_transactions_schema. An empty schema is represented with the value [].
  • ‘credit_card_prediction_logs’: used in 6_online-serving.ipynb for storing the prediction logs. For this schema we can choose the built-in schema with name inferenceschema.

Step-by-step example

kafka.png kafka2.png kafka3.png kafka4.png kafka5.png kafka6.png kafka7.png kafka8.png